Automated Processes for Your Clinic or Salon

26 LESSONS  |  9 HOURS  |  £99

The tools and processes to automate 8 areas of your aesthetics practice. Bookings, Reminders, Reviews, Marketing, Payments, Reception, Aftercare, and GDPR Consent.

Automation… What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

You think of automation, you might be thinking Artificial Intelligence, Robots and stuff. But you’ll be glad to know it’s way easier than all that. No… Automation is about taking advantage of digital, simple to use, tools that exist to make your life easier. To save you time. To cut out repetitive manual tasks. And therefore to increase your profit, and give you back time to spend doing what you love. So let’s discuss what you’re gonna learn in this 8 part Automation course….

  • Module 1, you are going to learn how to setup a super simple way for patients to book consultations, and other treatments / appointments with you online. The system will be synchronized with your calendar, so it will know what slots are available. It will be integrated into your website, and linked to from your Social Media.
  • Module 2, we will get you setup with a fantastic platform for taking credit card payments online. The setup is simple, and allows you to create payments for products, treatments, and even consultations and suscriptions.
  • Module 3, we will cover Reminders. You will learn how to setup and automate calendar invitations, email reminders and text message reminders.
  • Module 4, we will automate your requests for Reviews. As you will have seen in my GoogleJuice course, Reviews are absolutely critical for your online reputation, so here we will create super simple guides for your patients to follow, and automatically ask them to leave a review after their visit with you.
  • Module 5, we will talk about automating your marketing activity. From Social Media posting, to requesting referrals, to automatically adding new patients to your email marketing list.
  • Module 6 will show you how to automatically send after care information, information packs or regular informative guides to skincare etc.
  • Module 7 is about Consent and GDPR. How can you capture consent for Marketing, Photography, Storing of personal details, and of course – consent for the treatment.
  • Module 8 will teach you how to automatically handle those initial basic questions from potential patients. To help you qualify prospects OUT as well as IN, by creating automated answers to simple questions in Facebook Messenger.

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Course instructor

Rick O'Neill

An Entrepreneur at heart, skilled in Digital Marketing, Automation and Visual Communication. Rick’s current favourite thing to do is to take on advisory or NED roles for businesses that need help with their Digital Strategy, or co-ordinating their existing Digital teams towards a common goal and increased results. After a successful exit from his first business in 2007, Rick went on to become Co-Founder of LTF (A high-end digital marketing agency, which just celebrated it's 10th year in business) & Klarifi (a visual storytelling platform for B2B sales teams).

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