Reach top positions in local Google searches for your clinic or salon

24 LESSONS  |  9 HOURS  |  £99

Enhance Your Google Maps Listings

A comprehensive short course on the 8 big ranking factors involved in appearing top of local google searches, with a complete check lists and training on every task you need to complete under each of the ranking factors.

In this video course you will learn:

  • How to Win @ Local SEO
  • What the “Snack Pack” is and why it’s so important to your business.
  • How to feature in the “People Also Ask…” section of the Google Results.
  • How to understand and optimise your “Organic Rankings” on Google.
  • What the “8 big factors” are for Local Search Optimisation.
  • How to create and optimise your GMB (Google My Business profile)
  • How Links play a vital role in determining your position in local Google results.
  • How to create and optimise Content that increases your Google Rank
  • What Citations are, and why they matter to your Google Profile
  • Plus, many more knowledge bits on how to enhance your Google Maps Listings…

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Course instructor

Rick O'Neill

An Entrepreneur at heart, skilled in Digital Marketing, Automation and Visual Communication. Rick’s current favourite thing to do is to take on advisory or NED roles for businesses that need help with their Digital Strategy, or co-ordinating their existing Digital teams towards a common goal and increased results. After a successful exit from his first business in 2007, Rick went on to become Co-Founder of LTF (A high-end digital marketing agency, which just celebrated it's 10th year in business) & Klarifi (a visual storytelling platform for B2B sales teams).

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